O novo Ashram minimalista

quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2011

Velhos favoritos 2 (Patricia Barber)

if i were blue
like David Hockney's pool
dive into me and glide
under a California sky
inside your mouth and nose and eyes am i
if i were blue
like Edward Hopper's afternoon
lift the sash to air the breeze
let my summer flush your cheek
lie supine beneath the soft and gentle season
would that this were that
this is more like black
dark as darkest indigo
sickly sweet and ripe
like nothing
smothering light
bring on the pelting rain
palpable sensual pain
like Goya in his studio
in the thick of night
absence is
dull and silent
if i were blue
a pale Picasso blue
as beauty is to sorrow
let me cover you in sleep
and in your melancholy i would give you peace
if i were blue

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